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Employee Benefit Insurance Brokers
We’re for the high performance, mid-to-large market benefit brokerage firm. You have a growing book of business. You're strategic, data-driven, and your clients love you. You've incorporated technology into your business. Yet, when it comes to running RFP’s you still use excel, pdf, and email. Your agency management system's RFP functionality doesn’t cut it so you created process docs and templates, but when things get busy your team reverts to "the old way". You know there should be a better option. There is - we built it just for you.

Employee Benefit Insurance Carriers
We're for the employee benefit insurance carrier who understands that what got you here won't get you there. Your company has a digital initiative and you view those investments as a must-do priority to keep your edge. Your decades old, legacy systems might be impeding progress internally, but what if you could digitally connect with your distribution partners externally? You can, and WatchTower can help.

About Us

WatchTower was created to help employee benefit insurance brokers and carriers simplify the complex process of providing employers insurance. Richard Perrott and Ryan Sachtjen, formerly of Sun Life Financial, partnered with Shaheeb Roshan, formerly of Management Research Services Inc., to turn this ambitious vision into a reality.

More than $150B of employee benefit insurance is placed each year in the mid-to-large market using manual, error-prone workflows and low-tech solutions.

WatchTower drives connectivity and trust between brokers and carriers, enabling them to write better business faster and unlock insights to help employers offer the best possible benefits for their employees.

Our goal is to become the operating system for the employee benefits insurance industry so that we can better the lives of our partners and the millions of people who rely on them every day.

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