Patti Sievert

Experience Design Lead

Patti is a User Experience Lead with 10 years of professional design work under her belt. Starting out as a front-end developer and visual designer, she quickly found her passion in UX and UI design. She considers herself an ambassador for the user and her approach is anchored in the belief that great design is achieved through collaboration, empathy, and an understanding of human behavior.

Patti resides on the island of Oahu with her husband, cat, and two dogs. When she’s not designing products, she can be found designing new feats of flavor in homemade ice cream. She also dabbles in being the kind of person who owns hiking boots, but often finds herself lazily reading on the beach instead. Her goal is to someday have a tan, but we all know that’s not going to happen (freckles don’t count, Patti!).

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