Insurance is a #1 Priority. Now Your Happiness Is Too.

Richard Perrott
August 29, 2018

This post was written by former Product Design Lead, Theresa Charleston.


Raise your hand if you have tons of files on your computer desktop, or literally, on the top of your desk; if you’ve ever used post-it notes, file folders, binders, (actual) calculators, or if emailing is a hefty part of your day. Now raise your other hand if you spend an inordinate portion of your energy trying to find and organize those emails, files, and edits. You probably have both hands in the air. Now raise the roof!

Just kidding, there’s nothing fun about inefficiency. Put them down, jack.

Organizing disjointed information is not anyone’s idea of a good time. But it’s the norm for insurance brokers and carriers. If you’re a broker or carrier team member, you’ve had to do it because there is no alternative. Whether you’re a pro and have created a system that works for you, or you’re still struggling with the time-kill of it all, you’re probably the first to tell us, it sure as hell ain’t raisin’ no roofs.

Our brains process more than 14 million stimuli a second.

When things are messy or disorganized, it significantly increases the amount we have to process... by millions. (Like when our work is not efficient because we have to use dysfunctional and disparate interfaces, or when we’re trying to write a user experience blog and the spin class music next door is crack-a-lackin at volume ten.)

When our brains have too much to process and we reach overload, it causes lower serotonin levels in the brain.

And we all know what happens when good ol’ serotonin is low: Agitation and the blues. (Hey, that’s a great name for a band.) Not to mention all kinds of other mind and body unpleasantries.

We are smack dab inside the age of technology, with all its advantages and disadvantages. And whether or not we yearn for the days of using a rotary to set up an in-person meeting with Joe, we essentially have to use technology to stay afloat (or better yet, be on the top of our game) in the business world. But not all of the technologies that we're forced to use are saving us time or sanity. As a user experience professional, I know the impact that, little-by-little, day-by-day, poor interfaces have on our efficiency levels and overall happiness. It can actually change our brains!

Insurance folks have waited in the wings too long, and they deserve something they WANT to use and that makes their lives better and easier.

It's the goal of everyone at WatchTower to provide software that improves quality, transparency, and communication between brokers and carriers. But it’s more than just getting the job done. We want to make you happier. When you’re happy, it improves your life. When your life is better, it improves your work and, in turn, the lives of others.

A few ways we do this:

• Listening to what you tell us through testing and feedback

• Delivering caring support from people who treat you like a human

• Approaching insurance products like they're meant to be (gasp!) fun and engaging

• Re-thinking insurance tools from the fresh perspective that they improve the world

Now happiness is a high priority for us, but happiness alone is not our goal. We also know that a better mood can lead to other tangible things… like better communication skills, healthier relationships, more creativity, and gobs of financial gain… ya know, if that’s what you’re into.

Insurance coverage is usually a reliable, stable, and silent partner; and for most people, fairly unexciting. But the reason behind insurance couldn’t be more different: Human lives. The real lives of both the humans who need insurance, and the humans who help others get that insurance, are filled with interruptions and obstacles. We hope to become one less obstacle in your life and to, ultimately, make the insurance world a more pleasant place.

Have great ideas for our product or other feedback? Let us know here!

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