Guest Article by Yun Tai: Richard Perrott Disrupts Insurance Distribution

Ryan Sachtjen
July 24, 2018

Written by Yun Tai at 1871

Most of us don’t need to know anything about our insurance other than a provider name and an identification number, but like a Swiss watch, there’s a whole lot going on beneath the surface than most of us realize. Unfortunately, the similarities stop there -- while most Swiss watches are efficient automated wonders of Swiss engineering, the insurance industry runs closer to the opposite end of the spectrum. Thankfully, Richard Perrott of WatchTower is bringing the industry into the 21st century.

At 17-years-old, Richard Perrott made a promise to himself that he would one day start and run his own business. 

“I always knew that I wanted to start my own company. It wasn’t something that I had to do immediately, but there was always something pulling at me to swing the bat.”

Though Perrott eventually made good on his promise, he started his professional career in a sales role at Sun Life Financial, an employee benefit insurance company. Throughout the course of nine years, Perrott gathered extensive knowledge about how employee benefit insurance is bought and sold, and what drives consumer behavior. And while he enjoyed his experience there, he acknowledges that it was anything but easy. 

Read full article, written by Yun Tai at 1871:

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