Write better business faster

WatchTower simplifies the RFP process so brokers and carriers can focus on what matters most:
Delivering optimal results for clients. 

Can you imagine a 4th quarter without your hair a-flame?

We put the fire out.

We take the messy, complicated RFP process and simplify it down to a few steps, saving you from lost time and crispy hair. Say goodbye to the endless emails, disparate notes, and disorganized spreadsheets of 1995, and hello to a solution that lifts you into the cloud.


Start an RFP in less than 10 minutes

Ongoing support from WatchTower team

Project status alerts and reminders

Side-by-side bid comparisons

Built-in collaboration and negotiation tracking tools

Presentation-ready documents with your branding

Formatted in-force policy analysis

Ongoing support from WatchTower team

Bid activity view

Value differentiators highlighted in submissions

Built-in collaboration & negotiation tracking tools

Bid templates configured to standard contract language


WatchTower's mission is to bring the employee benefit insurance distribution process into the 21st century.

By replacing outdated tools with modern technology, we power insurance companies and brokers to be smarter, faster, and more reliable for the employers and employees that depend on them.

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